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Restructuring & Turnaround Strategy

Providing Trusted Leadership & Turnaround Strategy in Critical and Complex Situations

Companies need to reorganise in response to the challenges, instabilities, and constant changes in the business world. At Randburg Chartered Accountants (RCA), we provide strategic transformation services that focus on financial and company restructuring. 


From design to delivery, our financial and business restructuring professionals assist clients with practical solutions that produce demonstrable results. At all times, our turnaround strategy services are designed to transform, create, preserve and recover value.

Our Restructuring & Turnaround Strategy Services Include

Businesses throughout the country are confronted with unprecedented problems including weakened financial sheets, uncertainty around COVID-19 recovery curves, difficulties of working in a virtual world, competitive innovation, and shifting stakeholder expectations.

To combat all of these issues, our turnaround strategy services include the following:

  • Contingency planning and insolvency solutions

  • Debt restructuring, raising capital, and M&A services

  • Restructuring and turnaround tax services

  • Corporate simplification services

  • Preserving stakeholder value

  • Liquidity and working capital services

  • Non-performing loan service

  • Business Rescue and related Project Management 

Rely on Randburg Chartered Accountants For Real Operational Turnaround Rather Than Business Rescue

When all signals point to the need for quick, focused action and when businesses must change amid considerable disruption, we help them execute an efficient business turnaround.


Randburg Chartered Accountants can help you answer the following crucial questions:

  • How can I increase my company's financial and operational performance?

  • Who can assist me in developing options for a quick turnaround, rescue, recovery, or contingency plan?


  • We require assistance on succession planning including investment and shareholder sourcing and vetting

  • Who can help me in finding finance and negotiating with my stakeholders?

  • Who can assist me in leading the reorganisation or provide temporary management positions such as Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) or Chief Restructuring Advisor (CRA)?

  • How can I make more educated working capital and liquidity management decisions?

  • How can I reshape my business model?

  • In times of stress and uncertainty, how can I make clever business decisions?

Business Consultation

At Randburg Chartered Accountants, we make an immediate difference in each client's bottom line, cash flow, and top-line growth — all while focusing on what the client needs to do to ensure long-term success.

For Detailed Restructuring and Turnaround Strategy, Reach Out Today

We’re here to provide you with the reliable expertise you need to turn your business around.


To find out how we can support you, please fill in our online enquiry form and we’ll be in touch soon.

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